Tony the Tiger Inspires Violent Cops and Suicide Bombers In These Weird Fake Kellogg's Adverts

Unsurprisingly, these aren't official adverts.


Remember Tony The Tiger, the inspiring mascot of Frosties (aka Frosted Flakes in the US)? He used to pop up and encourage kids to do their best, with the help of sugary cereal?  Now Tony is back. Sort of. Completely unofficially. A viral website called Tony Is Back has popped up that sees him helping out some, well, less deserving people.

He inspires a violent cop.

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And a prostitute.

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And a suicide bomber.

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Sadly, this isn’t some new, edgy ad campaign from Kellogg’s—it appears to be the work of anti-capitalist artist Jani Leinonen. It looks so real though, and the site even links through to the proper Kellogg’s site.

It even complete with desperate messages from Tony himself: “I’ve helped so many kids to solve their every day problems over the years. But the kids have grown up and the world has changed. What used to help is now making things worse. Now I am the one who needs help. Please, help me.”

Make sure you check it out before Kellogg’s lawyers pull it down.

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