Mo'Nique Starts Twitter Beef With Roland Martin: 'Where Is Your Fight for Equality When it Comes to Your Sisters'

Mo'Nique calls for Roland Martin's help in her Netflix boycott.

Comedian Mo'Nique a the premiere of 'Almost Christmas'

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Comedian Mo'Nique a the premiere of 'Almost Christmas'

Mo'Nique's fight to prove her comedic worthiness continues after Netflix allegedly low-balled her for a comedy special. In her latest tweet, Mo'Nique noted that she's "getting ready to do press" and called on former TV One host Roland Martin to help her out, criticizing him for not fighting for equality "when it comes to your sisters."

Brother Roland please listen we getting ready to do press. I appreciate your fight, however where is your fight for EQUALITY when it comes to your sisters. Let's talk brother.

Martin did not take her tweet too kindly. Within minutes, he responded by saying that the proof is in his work.

But, he didn't stop there. Martin went on to tell Mo'Nique about the "horror" stories about her and noted that she should look in the mirror before criticizing others.

But again, Mo’Nique, you really need to address the email @JawnMurray read that he said was from @willpowerpacker to your husband. That is damning. It spoke of how you mistreated the crew, men and women. Either you did or you didn’t. Speak to that.
I don’t waste my time in silly tit for tats. But Mo’Nique, you gonna have to own up to your stuff too if you want others to. That @EBONYMag cover you were on with @chrisrock and @IAmSteveHarvey? I conceived that issue. I was told the photo shoot was a horror because of you.
So here is my final point, Mo’Nique: you are 100% right about Black women, Black men and other people of color getting paid top dollar. But how we treat others impacts how we get paid. Now ask yourself, is it you or every other major Black Hollywood player that’s the problem?
I sat with you on @tvonetv where I discussed the issue w/you and @leedanielsent and Precious. I listened and heard you out. So why all the drama with Almost Christmas, where you were brilliant! You should have gotten lots of roles after that. Ask yourself why you didn’t?
Was it because of what @willpowerpacker said in the email @JawnMurray read? Seriously, Mo, you gotta ask yourself the tough questions too. Let’s all get paid our worth, but let’s also demand excellence in how we interact.
I don’t derive anything from a back and forth. You’ve said your peace. I’ve said mine. I’m going to continue to fight for economic equality for Black men and women, and I wish you good luck in your pursuits. Holla!

And that was that.

Last week, Mo'Nique shared a video on Instagram asking others to join her in boycotting Netflix, who allegedly offered her $500,000 to do a comedy special. The Academy Award–winning actress cited that was too low for her especially since the company offered $11 million to Amy Schumer before she renegotiated for $2 million more ,while Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were offered over $20 million each for their comedy specials. Comedian Deray Davis later commented on Mo'Nique's video that Netflix paid him $5 million for his special. Mo'Nique also accused Netflix of being sexist and racist towards her as a black woman.

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