Mo'Nique is Asking For a Netflix Boycott For Offering Her Less Than Amy Schumer For Comedy Special

Mo'Nique wants us to boycott Netflix.

Mo'Nique is calling on her fans to boycott Netflix after the streaming company allegedly low-balled her in an offer for a comedy special.

In the Instagram video above, the Academy Award-winning actress and comedian says that Netflix recently offered her $500,000 to create a special for their platform. Last year, Amy Schumer received $11 million for her Netflix special and famously renegotiated for $2 million more when she discovered that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle earned $20 million for theirs. Mo'Nique decided to do the same.

"I shouldn’t get what the men are getting, they’re legends," said Mo'Nique. "However, I should get more, and Netflix agreed." But apparently, it wasn't enough. While Mo cited her impressive resume, Netflix was allegedly still reluctant to give her the amount that she felt she deserved.

"When we asked Netflix to explain the difference, why the money was so different, they said, ‘Well, we believe that’s what Mo'Nique will bring.’ We said, ‘What about my resume?’ They said ‘We don’t go off of resumes.’ Then we asked them, ‘What was it about Amy Schumer?’ and they said, ‘Well, she sold out Madison Square Garden twice, and she had a big movie over the summer.’ Is that not Amy Schumer’s resume? And then Netflix said, ‘By the way, we believe Mo'Nique is a legend too.’ Why shouldn’t I get what the legends are getting?" Mo'Nique questioned.

Now, she's accusing Netflix of "gender bias and color bias."

The news comes after a slew of women in Hollywood spoke up about being paid way less than their male counterparts, including Tracee Ellis Ross, who just learned that she gets paid less than her Black-ish co-star, Anthony Anderson. Also, Mark Wahlberg reportedly made $1.5 million to re-shoot scenes for All The Money in the World while his co-star, Michelle Williams earned less than $1000. Wahlberg has since donated the $1.5 million to the Time's Up initiative, which fights for women's rights in Hollywood and throughout the nation.

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