Don Cheadle Shades Kanye West on Twitter: 'Who's Kanye'

Don Cheadle does not know who Kanye West is anymore.

It was only a month ago when Kanye West went on TMZ and said slavery was a choice. This came after a slew of tweets from 'Ye about his love for Donald Trump followed by photo of him in a MAGA hat with a man who might have been throwing up a white supremacist sign. Now, West is back with a new album, Ye, but hip-hop heads are questioning whether or not to support his latest effort with his previous actions still weighing on their minds.

However, it seems Don Cheadle made up his mind on whether or not he'll be tuning into Ye. Dennis Herring, a producer known for his work with Elvis Costello, Counting Crows, and more, reached out to Cheadle to ask his thoughts on the project. "What do u think of the nu Kanye record @DonCheadle ? I’m mixing, & caint listen yet.....!" it read. Then, Cheadle pulled a Mariah Carey and said "who’s kanye ...?"

What do u think of the nu Kanye record @DonCheadle ?
I’m mixing, & caint listen yet.....!

— Dennis Herring (@dcherring) June 2, 2018

This isn't the first time Cheadle called out 'Ye for his antics. Back in May, Cheadle reached out to West to ridicule him. "you think because they’re new to you they’re new ideas? what’s 'new' is the leaf you’ve turned over hopefully (shamefully) to sell your new music. the racist ideas you’re currently espousing are old, pernicious and of the same genus as the 'black ppl are inherently lazy' bull," read his tweet, which was in response to a now-deleted tweet from West.

One month later, it seems Cheadle is still not a fan of 'Ye.

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