Watch Jon Stewart Surprise Pete Davidson During 'Tonight Show' Appearance

Pete Davidson also chatted it up with Jimmy Fallon about the awesomeness of dogs, the upcoming Joey Ramone biopic, falling off the stage with MGK, and more.

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Pete Davidson, who will soon be seen alongside Kaley Cuoco in the time machine-focused comedy Meet Cute, stopped by the Tonight Show studio on Wednesday. Tucked into the appearance was a surprise pop-in from Jon Stewart, who—like Davidson—will be performing at Madison Square Garden for a benefit marking the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

During a segment in which host Jimmy Fallon guided Davidson through the experience of playing a round of Wheel of Opinions, which employs the use of a so-called “opinion topic generator,” the former Daily Show host appeared via video for a well-timed interjection rendering the then-brewing “glamping” and “hangry” debate. Davidson, notably, had questioned what “glamping” even is.

“For God’s sake, everybody knows glamping!” Stewart said. “Everybody knows what glamping is! Hold on, let me put my glasses on so I look like my opinions are smarter. I’m at work. I’m still at work. You know, Peter, somebody has to make a living in this household and it’s me! He comes home, he eats the peanut butter, he drinks the milk, [and] he doesn’t pay.”

After getting in some more jokes, more specifically one focused on what he proposes society do about any person using either “glamping” or “hangry” in their conversations, Stewart shared an even more on-topic personal opinion:

“Here’s one opinion you may not know, I love Pete Davidson,” Stewart said. 

Elsewhere, during the one-on-one interview portion with Fallon, Davidson was asked about falling off the SNL stage with his friend and frequent collaborator Machine Gun Kelly. According to Davidson, a key reason the fall happened was that MGK had temporarily forgotten about his previously bruised coccyx. Originally, Davidson joked, he thought MGK was making a Napoleon Dynamite reference when informing him of the injury prior to their filmed collaborative fall.

The power of dogs, the upcoming Joey Ramone biopic, and that aforementioned 9/11 tribute also got some attention in the interview: 

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In addition to Meet Cute, the recent shoot for which has spurred a slew of none-of-our-business headlines, Davidson’s imminent agenda also includes the A24 slasher Bodies, Bodies, Bodies from director Halina Reijn.

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