Air New Zealand Enlists 'Men in Black' for New In-Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand took it all the way back to the depths of 1997 for their new in-flight safety video.

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As part of an industry-wide effort to get people to actually pay even the slightest bit of attention to in-flight safety tutorials, Air New Zealand has delivered perhaps the best attempt at attention monopoly thus far. The airline company enlisted the cinematic services of Dan Carter and Captain Richie McCaw, members of New Zealand's national rugby team, to slide into slender black suits (the adidas are a nice touch) and give their best performance as two Men in Black agents.

The obvious attention to detailed mimicry is impressive, with Air New Zealand going so far as to include both a small talking pug and the actual Rip Torn. As expected, the clip quickly descends into rapped safety tips territory to the tune of Will Smith's 1997 low-key banger "Men in Black," which is definitely worth a revisit in the wake of recent Will Smith news:

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Such generally cringeworthy territory is swiftly rescued by the appearance of an extremely well-choreographed worm guy and this priceless image:

Now, if only we could all neuralyze ourselves each time we're stuck on a flight with a perpetual screaming baby.


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