Vince Gilligan Confirms Walter White’s Fate Ahead of ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Release

Dead dude is definitely dead, says series creator.


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Walter White truthers took another blow this week with additional confirmation that the Breaking Bad character is indeed super fucking dead. Though we shouldn't need such confirmation given that he's clearly shown as dead at the end of the celebrated AMC series, creator Vince Gilligan—currently making the rounds ahead of this Friday's El Camino release—was forced to do so during a recent Rich Eisen interview.

"I'm gonna give you that one too . . . Yes, Walter White is dead," Gilligan said around eight minutes into the 22-minute discussion when asked to respond to the oft-repeated inquiry. Of course, the Breaking Bad movie offers up the chance to include Bryan Cranston by way of a flashback or a more inventive inclusion method. But Gilligan expectedly declined to confirm or deny such a thing.

As for pulling off another El Camino-style surprise franchise extender, Gilligan—for now, at least—doesn't see that as a viable option.

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"I think it's the last one of these," he said before throwing in some cautious awareness of how a creator's mind can change. "But then, probably five years ago or whatever the last time I was on this show, I probably said the last Breaking Bad episode was the last one of these too, so I'm just a pathological liar."

Gilligan also profusely thanked and praised the citizens of Albuquerque, New Mexico and his production team for working tirelessly to keep the El Camino shoot under wraps. This process, he noted, included the development of false local news stories and sheer "amazing logistical achievement" from all involved.

As for what to expect from Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman, Gilligan had plenty of good great things to say about the performance that should quell any cynic's fears about the movie not sticking the landing.

"He does such a fantastic job in this movie," Gilligan said. "He's a star and I always knew he was a star."

El Camino hits Netflix this Friday.

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