Sinbad’s Family on Comedian’s Recovery Following Stroke: ‘His Progress Is Nothing Short of Remarkable’

Sinbad, whose filmography includes beloved entries like 'Jingle All the Way' and 'Good Burger,' is learning to walk two years after the initial stroke.

Sinbad is seen speaking to the crowd at a public event

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Sinbad is seen speaking to the crowd at a public event

Sinbad is looking forward to seeing fans again as he continues on his journey toward recovery following a stroke.

In an Instagram update shared Monday, the comedian’s family thanked fans for the “love and support” they’ve continued to send their way over the past two years. Fans and fellow comedians alike shared well wishes in the comments, including D.L. Hughley and India Arie. Others have also reshared the family’s latest message, including Questlove.

Fans have also been directed to a recently launched site where, at the time of this writing, an extended message had been published documenting Sinbad’s journey since first suffering an ischemic stroke in October 2020. The stroke, the family explained, was caused by a blood clot that had moved from his heart to his brain.

At the time, the comedian was rushed into surgery to have the clot removed. The following day, another clot was confirmed to have formed. While its size was determined to be smaller than the first clot, the required surgery “took a little more from him.”

It was later determined that Sinbad’s brain had shown signs of swelling, resulting in a craniotomy during which doctors found a bleed. Sinbad was placed in a medically-induced coma, with family noting this temporarily made the path toward recovery seem “unclear and extremely difficult.”

By May 2021, Sinbad had entered a rehabilitation facility in California to start various forms of therapy, later being cleared to return home that July.

“He continues to receive therapy, fighting for every inch,” the family said. “His progress is nothing short of remarkable. Limbs that were said to be ‘dead’ are coming alive and he’s taking the steps necessary to learn to walk again.”

In response to the numerous requests the family has received with regards to how others can help in the celebrated comedian’s ongoing journey, the family has proposed that donations be made toward the Adkins Trust, which they say will “provide for Sinbad’s care and help him continue to fight this battle.”

For additional information on Sinbad’s recovery, hit this link.

Sinbad’s filmography, of course, is stacked with still-celebrated comedies including Jingle All the Way, Good Burger, First Kid, and more. More recently, he starred in Lil Rel Howery’s Rel on Fox and appeared in a Goofy Movie-focused episode of the final season of Donald Glover’s Atlanta titled “The Goof Who Sat by the Door.”

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