Seth Rogen Jokes ‘21 Jump Street’ Should Be Sent ‘Around the World’ After Kanye’s Jonah Hill Remarks

Seth Rogen was giving an interview on the upcoming 'Super Mario Bros.' drop when he was jokingly asked about Ye's recent '21 Jump Street' remarks.

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As you may or may not have noticed, the artist formerly known as Kanye West received some undue, not-worth-the-time coverage recently in connection with an Instagram post about Jonah Hill and 21 Jump Street. Now, Seth Rogen—who was also involved with the 2012 comedy—has been asked to share his thoughts on this development.

In short, Ye shared a post this month stating, in part, “Watching Jonah Hill in [21 Jump Street] made me like Jewish people again.” The post came after last year’s spree of anti-Semitic remarks from Ye, most notably his expression of adoration for Adolf Hitler during an interview on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ podcast. In February, the Anti-Defamation League shared a report breaking down “at least” 30 anti-Semitic incidents since October of last year that the organization says directly referenced remarks made by Ye.

At the top of a new interview with Cinema Blend in promotion of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Rogen was asked about Ye’s 21 Jump Street-focused update, specifically whether he was “jealous that Jonah Hill cured Kanye’s anti-Semitism.” Understandably, the jokingly presented question made Rogen burst out into laughter.

“You know what? He can have it,” Rogen told interviewer Jeff McCobb. “Happy to be left out of that one. But you know what? Good. Cured!” 

Amid more laughter, Rogen continued, saying, “They should send that movie around the world. Let everyone watch it!” He also pointed out that he “wrote some jokes” for 21 Jump Street, meaning he feels “slight ownership.”

See a portion of the moment above and/or in full here.

Meanwhile, a TMZ paparazzo was recently filmed attempting to get Hill himself to respond to an annoying question about Ye’s IG post. Thankfully, Hill ignored the inquiry.

Instead of giving any more headlines space or other attention to Ye’s posts, this writer advises checking out Hill’s recently released documentary Stutz on Netflix instead. Catch a trailer below.

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