This Unaired 'Saturday Night Live' Skit Centered on the Protection of Donald Trump's "Hair" Is Equal Parts Strange, Terrifying

Remember that time Trump hosted 'SNL'? Yeah.

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Donald Trump, who is a person running for President of the United States, served as the host of Saturday Night Livelast weekend and the world miraculously didn't collapse into a pit of flames, ragged clothing, and whatever else Hell keeps around to maintain the rugged ambiance. This world, having not ended, is now full of things like this undeniably strange but oddly captivating SNL skit that was apparently cut for time.

There's a lot to unpack here, perhaps too much, but we can't go much further without mentioning this:

That's the so-called "Scalp Team 6," a group of our nation's elite tasked with making sure Trump's "hair" remains stabilized during a meeting with shirtlessness fanVladimir Putin. Peep the full skit above, then ask yourself "Wait. Is this a documentary?"

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