Apparently no shortage of outrage for Donald Trump's appearance on tonight's Saturday Night Live will short circuit his appearance. In fact his presence is very much welcomed—but if for none other than a scripted burn by Larry David (a.k.a. The God).

So as we all braced ourselves for the nightmare that was likely an uncomfortable Trump appearance, he gifted us with something of an Easter egg that none of us could have anticipated but were nonetheless praying for. Would you like to hear it? Of course you would.

It goes like this: Trump makes an intro with something about how an impending presidency is just, you know, for the taking or whatever. And then Larry David jumps in for the rumored audience input that was pushing a $5,000 price tag, i.e. Larry David calls Trump a racist (it happens around the 3:30 mark).

Anyway, please enjoy this fantastic SNL skit of a person who should absolutely not run our country but is nonetheless enjoying the benefits of political fandom.