Samuel L. Jackson Doesn't Give a Damn About Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Divorcing

Samuel L. Jackson has some thoughts on the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, namely: why do we even care?

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Divorce is rough. Right? No clue honestly, but this week's news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were calling off their eternal union had damn near everyone on the planet questioning the meaning of existence. Even Pitt's Allied co-star Marion Cotillard had to step up and deny some affair rumors, just hours after a fresh Allied trailer dropped. What a cruel and unusual world. Perhaps we should all just look at life more like Samuel L. Jackson, who hit Good Morning Britain Thursday with his own thoughts on the end of Brangelina as we know it.

"Is it really?" Jackson said when asked if he agreed that Pitt and Jolie's divorce was a "sad" event. "It's life, you know? People carry on and people do what they do. There's a huge segment of America that still thinks that what he did to Jennifer Aniston was just wrong and they're just overjoyed that the Wicked Witch lost a husband or whatever."

But Jackson also has a message for those who don't really care about the ancient Aniston news but are still somehow emotionally invested in the Jolie-Pitt split. "I'm sure there's another segment that thinks it is sad and it's a dissolution of another family and all those kids or whatever, but I don't know why it's everybody's business, or why people care anyway," Jackson said.

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Jolie filed for divorce this Monday, following two years of marriage and 12 years together with Pitt. In the filing, Jolie cited "irreconcilable differences" and expressed her desire to obtain physical custody of her and Pitt's six children. Other rumors surrounding the why and how of the divorce have promptly swirled about in headlines, but to paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson: Why the hell do you care?

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