Robert Pattinson Talks How 'Strange' It Feels to Be Batman, Teases Surprises for DC FanDome

Robert Pattinson is vowing that hungry fans can expect "lots of little surprises" at next month's DC FanDome event, all of 'The Batman' variety.


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The extended rollout for Matt ReevesThe Batman has been dotted with visual teases and carefully worded anticipatory phrases from those involved, all of which is again about to come to a head at next month’s DC FanDome event. But first, star Robert Pattinson—the latest actor to don the cape and ears—is adding a bit more fuel to the hype fire.

Speaking with reporters on the red carpet for the Academy Museum’s opening party, Pattinson revealed that he’s now seen a portion of Reeves’ film—which isn’t set for release until next March—and promised that fans had plenty to look forward to with next month’s DC experience.

“Me and Zoë [Kravitz] did some stuff and it’s a fun little thing,” Pattinson, who was last seen in the 2020 dramas Tenet and The Devil All the Time, told Variety on Wednesday evening. “There’s lots of little surprises for it. I’ve seen some of the movie now and it’s kind of, it’s really cool.”

Robert Pattinson teases what fans will get to see from #TheBatman at DC FanDome: “Me and Zoë [Kravitz] did some stuff. It’s a fun little thing. There are lots of little surprises for it.”

— Variety (@Variety) September 30, 2021

Pattinson also reflected on how “strange” it feels to be Batman at all, a feeling with which only a few people on this planet can relate.

“I mean, it’s a strange feeling,” he said in a red carpet video shared by the Associated Press. “I [had] moments when I was shooting when you just catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflection and you’d be like, ‘Wait, am I actually doing this? This is crazy!’ But it’s been really fun and it’s really exciting so far.”

The suit itself, however, inspired slightly more complicated feelings for the actor.

“It’s hard,” he explained. “I mean, it’s a combination of the suit does a lot of the work for you but then when you need to do some work you have to really fight it. But yeah, it’s a very special feeling to put it on.” 

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We can expect, as previously teased, Reeves’ film to take us deeper into the “trauma” of Bruce Wayne’s early life. As co-writer Mattson Tomlin told Den of Geek last year, Wayne’s actions later in life can be viewed as a reaction to that trauma.

Pattinson and Kravtiz are joined in The Batman by Paul Dano, John Turturro, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, and more. Revisit last year’s DC FanDome teaser below, then keep an eye out for Batman-focused updates from the 2021 edition.

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