A Timeline of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's Turbulent Relationship

Remember: It's not love unless you're sharing each other's phone numbers on Twitter and feuding over stolen Eggo waffles.

If you're the sort of person who likes to balance your looming existential dread by keeping daily tabs on any given act of Kardashian craziness on Instagram, you might have noticed something today: Rob Kardashian's account, at least at the time of this writing, has disappeared.

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Prior to the apparent Instagram disappearance, Kardashian shared a series of posts in which he accused Blac Chyna of—among other things—cheating and doing "drugs and alcohol with my baby in the house."

The Instagram posts are no longer accessible, but screenshot fiends and Kardashian's subsequent tweets have since taken the narrative reins:

Of course, this is far from the first time an incident of this magnitude has shattered the illusion of ChyRo. In the spirit of that one time we broke down Chyna and ex Tyga's messiest post-breakup moments, we’ve taken time out of our day to highlight the messiest ChyRo moments in a scholarly fashion.

April 2016: Rob regifts iPad to Blac Chyna, gets busted on national TV.

Unsettling, horrifying, flabbergasting, etc. Rob—perhaps unaware of the social stigma surrounding the art of regifting—got completely busted during an episode of the Peabody Award-losing docuseries Keeping Up With the Kardashians for giving Blac Chyna an iPad he had previously received as a gift. The original gift-giver? None other than Kendall "Here, Taste This Fyre Pepsi" Jenner.

July 2016: Rob erases all signs of Blac Chyna from his Instagram.

Out of nowhere, Rob wiped his Instagram account of any signs of Blac Chyna. Naturally, this confused the hell out of anyone who cared about such things. That confusion, however, would multiply in the months ahead.

August 2016: A classic GIF is born thanks to Rob & Chyna.

"ARE YOU STILL TEXTING BITCHES? YES OR NO?" is a fun thing to scream in crowded restaurants. Try it.

September 2016: Blac Chyna shares Rob's digits with the world.

In a tweet that's still live on her account, Blac Chyna let her nearly 800,000 followers in on a little secret: Rob Kardashian's phone number. "To make sure your man is not texting no bitches, tweet his number out," Blac Chyna later explained on Snapchat. Just days earlier, Rob had shared Kylie Jenner's number with the world.

December 2016: An Eggo waffles and BBQ sauce dispute inspires a flurry of headlines.

During one of their many public splits, Rob Kardashian lamented the fact that Blac Chyna had apparently stolen his Eggo waffles and BBQ sauce. "She really stole my eggos and BBQ sauce and the whole freezer was full of eggos 😩😩💔," Rob said at the time, according toTeen Vogue. "But bring Dream back to her Dad please 🙏 she blocked me or else I would ask to see her and she has the guard gate not letting me in the gate either. I just miss baby Dream 😢"

Prior to the incident, E! News later reported, Blac Chyna had been "punching [Rob] in his back and arms and was in a drunken rage." Kardashian later apologized for embarrassing "myself and my family."

January 2017: Rob confuses everyone by celebrating one year with Chyna, despite breakup chatter.

Rob marked what would have been his and Blac Chyna's one-year anniversary with a retrospective Instagram post. That same week, E! Newsclaimed the two were attempting to put their "highly publicized drama" behind them ahead of a new year.

July 2017: Chyna becomes the subject of a string of accusatory Instagram posts and tweets from Rob.

The Instagram posts have disappeared into the digital abyss, but the tweets are still coming.:

Blac Chyna shared her own statement on the matter on Snapchat earlier Wednesday, alleging that Rob became physically violent with her. "On my kids but I'm supposed to be quiet because you're a Kardashian," she said.

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