Prince Fans Weren't Too Happy With Fallon's Thanksgiving Parade Cover of "Let's Go Crazy"

To be fair, who's watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and expecting something cool to happen?

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A hard and fast rule to follow when navigating human existence is never cover Prince. There are few exceptions to this rule, and likely none of those exceptions are hosts of late-night talk shows. Sorry. These are the rules.

Jimmy Fallon tried it anyway during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, running through the 1984 Prince and the Revolution song "Let's Go Crazy" with some help from the Roots. While the Roots' contributions to this rendition of the Purple Rain track annoyed no one, Fallon on vocals was enough to inspire some viewers to dump their impassioned disapproval on Twitter.

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Others were quick to point out how futile it is to get mad at shit on Twitter:

For what it's worth, Fallon is a noted Prince fan and even boasts one hell of a story about getting his ass kicked by the Purple One during a game of ping-pong.

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