Netflix Is Raising Its Prices

Totally worth it though.

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Still feeling confident about the fact that you're one of the original Netflix subscribers? "Orange Is the New Black is cool and all, but I remember when they actually shipped you this thing called a DVD," you might say to your presumably annoyed friends. Well, hold that obnoxious thought, because the grandfathered rate of $7.99 we've all been flexing with for the past few months is about to become as much a thing of the past as whatever the hell a DVD is.

Starting next month, Business Insiderreports that all overzealous grandfathered Netflixers will be bumped up to $9.99 for the standard (two screens) plan. For recent customers, of course, this comes as a small act of justice due to the fact that they've been forking over $9.99 since October of last year.​ The price increase will impact roughly 17 million subscribers, with a JP Morgan survey quoted by Business Insider revealing that roughly 80 percent of them had no clue they were about to be two more dollars in the hole each and every month.​

Despite the fact Scrotal Recall is somehow still a thing that actually exists, Netflix's efforts at bumping up the quality control with both their original programming and their vast library of classics makes a two-dollar price hike totally worth the tiny extra dent it may leave on one's checking account. In fact, it's probably safe to assume that most people would happily pay much more than $9.99 a month for Aziz Ansari's Master of None alone.

To ease the pain of this price increase, here's a photo of a dog attempting to ingest one of those aforementioned DVD relics:

You're welcome.

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