Bootleg DVDs are easy to come by. They come to you when you're eating at a fast food restaurant and a salesman approaches you saying, "CD/DVD, $5." But before you turn them away, your sibling/kid/niece/nephew/cousin starts screaming and begs you to buy them some newly released animated film. Then, you eye the DVD covers, become intrigued, and buy one for yourself. 

Good DVD covers look interesting, maybe even mysterious, but great DVD covers draw your attention and keep it. And then there are the bootleg ones that make no sense whatsoever, and, thus, are the best. As in these 25 Amazing Bootleg DVD Covers, all of which aim to sell movies with none-too-subtle trickery. Not interested in watching Ryan Gosling stare at Carey Mulligan in the anti-action flick Drive? How about if Drive also featured high-flying, Inception-like action sequences? It doesn't, of course, but don't tell anyone in China that.

Whether it's morphing two different movie series into one or providing the most hyperbolic review quotes available, these bootleg DVDs have taken your average box cover to another level of excellence.

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