Is Scrotal Recall actually kind of lit? Despite having the worst title ever (how is this NOT an Arnold Schwarzenegger porn parody?), this British rom-com sitcom has been ordered for another season by Netflix, according to Variety. The second season, premiering exclusively on the streaming site, will get eight episodes, while the first season (which had six episodes) premiered on Channel 4 in the U.K.

In case you don't know what the hell a Scrotal Recall is, it's about a dude named Dylan (Johnny Flynn) who gets diagnosed with chlamydia and has to track down his past sexual partners to alert them. Each episode focuses on one woman from his past. Antonia Thomas and Daniel Ings star as his best friends, Evie and Luke, who help him on his mission. There's also a romantic spark between him and Evie, which makes the whole sitch even more complicated. All main cast members will return for the second season, as will the creator Tom Edge, as writer and executive producer. I want to know what he was smoking when he thought to himself, 'Scrotal Recall, that's a good show title.' Dude's got balls. 

Though I've been actively avoiding this show on my Netflix homepage, word on the street is the show is actually pretty good. Does this mean I should start watching? All of season 1 is currently available on Netflix and season 2's premiere date is TBD.