LAPD Responds to Bizarre Prank Video of Tyrese Eating Ramen While Comedian Is Tied Up

Tyrese's Instagram video may have been staged, but that ramen looks real as f*ck.

Clearly staged videos of Tyrese calmly eating presumably delicious ramen while bound and gagged comedian Michael Blackson looked on were apparently convincing enough to get the Los Angeles Police Department involved. 

The videos, posted on Blackson's account as if Tyrese had commandeered the comedian's phone amid the faux kidnapping, open with a masked Tyrese telling the camera that shit is "real funny" until it gets "serious," which makes a good deal of sense. According to TMZ, the LAPD quickly received a "flurry" of calls from people who were convinced the whole thing was quite real.

The clips seem to be a response to Blackson's viral Tyrese video from earlier this month, in which he begged to know "What the fuck is going on?" after Tyrese made a slew of headlines amid his since-resolved custody battle. Hilariously, one clip is soundtracked by the Transformers theme song. Another sees Tyrese kicking back with a tied-up Blackson watching He-Man.

When LAPD officers made it to Tyrese's home early Monday, they were assured by security that the clips were merely part of a "well-produced joke." No shit.

Blackson’s initial mockery of Tyrese focused on the Fast and Furious franchise star's reportedly debunked claims that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett had fronted him $5 million dollars. "You guys asked me to get off and stay off the internet now that my daughter's legal fees will be paid," Tyrese claimed at the time. "I will listen."

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