Kevin Hart Gets Mistaken for Chris Rock by So-Called "Fan," Thankfully Films the Awkward Encounter

Do better, Earth.

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When Kevin Hart (who is not at all Chris Rock) was somehow mistaken for the recent Oscars host by a so-called fan, the comedian simply went along with it and filmed the results. To really bring the bizarre moment to peak ridiculousness, Hart even told the "fan" he was looking forward to seeing her at his upcoming stand-up special Rock the World. Rock the World, of course, is not a thing that actually exists:

Shouts to Kevin Hart for turning this baffling (and kind of depressing) example of mistaken identity into a soon-to-be viral smash. However, as noted by the Daily Dot, Hart encountered a similar (and equally baffling and/or depressing) example of this just last month:

Damn Google. Get it together.

Thankfully, Hart will have plenty of chances to riff on this ridiculousness with two new Comedy Central series later this year. Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City will find the Central Intelligence star hanging with local comedians in Atlanta and other blossoming comedy scenes across America, while another (currently untitled) series will give up-and-coming comedians some shine with a new featured talent each week.

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