Though stand-up specials don't always bow in theaters, and certainly don't always include extended action sequences, those boring traditions matter very little to Kevin Hart. Dude looks like a rock star or an action hero (or both) in the first teaser for his forthcoming What Now? special, filmed in front of what appears to be trillions of people in the comedian's hometown of Philadelphia.

"In my city, we made history," Hart says in the James Bond-esque teaser. "We sold a football stadium out tonight!" That stadium, of course, is the Lincoln Financial Field. Hart's show made history as the first-ever stand-up event at the venue, which CBS Philly claims has a bragworthy maximum capacity of "around 68,000" people.

What Now? doesn't slide into theaters until Oct. 14, so we should probably expect more Bond-level teases in the months ahead.