Just days ahead of this year's annual Oscars joy and/or disappointment (probably just disappointment), Jimmy Kimmel has unveiled a fresh movie-themed edition of his "Mean Tweets" series. Though it's sadly unlikely they all gathered in the same room simultaneously to discuss how their union might bring about things like world peace or at least another Ocean's movie, the even-more-stacked-than-usual display of movie stars here is still pretty impressive.

Seth Rogen, Emily BluntTaraji P. Henson, Kevin Hart, some guy named George Clooney, and way too many others to list here all stopped by for some televised self-deprecation to the joy of Kimmel and his audience. However, as all true "Mean Tweets" fanatics can attest, the real concern here is: Who had to read the meanest and/or most ludicrous tweet about themselves?

Kevin Costner Mean Tweet

Damn. No love for the underrated water-themed classic Waterworld?

Susan Sarandon Mean Tweet

Susan Sarandon is a legend. Please don't disrespect Susan Sarandon like this again.

Sean Penn Mean Tweet

One can assume that this "@Jenny_IDLYITW" individual was not a big fan of Sean Penn's internet-smashing El Chapo article for Rolling Stone.

Perhaps the meanest (or at least the rudest) tweet here belongs to someone who is definitely not a Kevin Hart enthusiast:

Kevin Hart Mean Tweet

Ouch. Peep the full movie-themed "Mean Tweets" chapter above and then please stop firing off the rude AF tweets.