'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Remade Drake's "God's Plan" Video With $100 in a 99 Cent Store

100 bucks, a million bucks. What's the difference?

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I guess you'd have to be one hell of a professional cynic to not have some kind of reaction to Drake's "Rock Show"-esque "God's Plan" video.

Many found the Karena Evans-directed visual for the Scary Hours single, which sees Drake give away a million bucks, to be a touching act of kindness. Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s Guillermo Rodriguez was so moved, he decided to put together his own version of "God's Plan."

Thank you @Drake for inspiring @IamGuillermo to come up with his own #GodsPlan pic.twitter.com/UqqcbnBsdJ

— Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) February 23, 2018

"Have you seen that new Drake video where he goes around and gives money away, 'God's Plan?'" Kimmel asked his audience on Thursday's show. "It's very popular. It has, like, 36 million views in the last five days and it has inspired a lot of people, including our own Guillermo. Guillermo was inspired, so he decided to make his own music video where he gives out money. Not as much money, right? Drake gave away a million dollars, but it's not the amount that matters. It's the thought that, I think, counts the most."


For Guillermo's "God's Plan," the budget—$100—was noticeably not on the same level as Drake's. Guillermo, according to the video's intro, gave away "almost all" of the budget. Perplexingly, the 99 Cents Only Store where Guillermo shot his $100 parody claims to be open nine days a week.

For Drake, the original "God's Plan" video will go down as "the most important thing I have ever done in my career."

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