DJ Envy and Wife Gia Casey Break Down the Desus and Mero Debacle on Their Podcast

The brand is so undeniably strong.

desus and mero
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desus and mero

On the latest episode of DJ Envy and Gia Casey's Casey Crew podcast, the two discussed that whole Desus and Mero thing that most notably resulted in this tweet:

Just got my DJ Envy tattoo this morning! Anything happen while I was away?

— DESUS & MERO on VICELAND (@DesusandMeroVL) March 15, 2018

"There's a couple things that you need to say out loud," Gia said around the 22:20 mark in the SoundCloud stream below. One issue Gia wanted Envy to address was the oft-repeated criticism surrounding Envy getting mad at all, with many pointing to the nature of his ownBreakfast Club duties as an example of him doing the same thing to other people. "On the show, especially in the last five years, six years, I've been, like, the pusher of love," Envy said, disagreeing with the notion entirely.


Later, around the 26-minute mark, Envy pushed back against the idea that making an issue out of being mocked on Viceland was hypocritical:

"You can't tell somebody what's serious and what's not serious," he said. "People joke with me all day long. I mean, I'm a radio host." Envy then reaffirmed his stance that the only aspect of Desus and Mero's original jokes that had him "pissed off" was their inclusion of Gia.

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In case you missed it, Desus and Mero used a recent 13-minute segment on the No. 1 show in late night to mock Envy for effectively walking out of his own show. "You felt that strongly, and your wife wanted an apology, why didn't you call us that same night?" Desus wondered, as seen above. "Why you waiting until we come on your show and now you have one of the most highly trafficked viral clips going and y'all trending on Twitter? How strong is the brand?"

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