Mo'Nique's fight for racial and gender equality continues with an appearance on Power 105's The Breakfast Club.

But first, she had a bone to pick with Charlamagne tha God, who named her "Donkey of the Day" a few weeks ago when she called for a Netflix boycott after they allegedly lowballed her for a comedy special. In the interview, Mo'Nique hilariously referred to Charlamagne by his government name, Lenard, and said he "really caught [her] off guard." Then, she straight up asked him why he did it.

For Charlamagne, it was really simple. He said this is a "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately industry" and that Mo'Nique hasn't done anything...lately. "How much more," she asked, "do I have to do, brother?" She then cited that she was in a movie, Almost Christmas, which had a budget of $17 million but later made $45 million while Amy Schumer's film, Snatched, also made $45 million but had a budget of $42 million. (Numbers don't lie.)

It didn't take long for things to become heated between the two, as Mo'Nique called out Charlamagne for "assuming" before giving her the infamous title—especially since he wouldn't call his mother or grandmother, who have also had their fair share of inequality, a donkey either. Charlamagne fired back and said he thinks this is more of an "individual thing than a collective problem" while Mo'Nique's husband/manager, Sidney Hicks, who called into the interview, pointed out that there aren't any women comedians of color who've got a major Netflix deal.

"This is why again, Lenard, you’ve got to be careful with your words because you called your sister 'Donkey of the Day' but you didn’t your research," said Mo'Nique at one point. "Now as we sit here you have to almost backtrack your words." Although Charlamagne said he's "not backtracking," we're starting to think he just might want to.