China Bans 'Deadpool' for Some Very 'Deadpool' Reasons

Only cool movies get banned.

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Deadpool just scored something far more important than any cosign: the endless brag of being banned by an entire country for the best reasons ever. China has denied Deadpool the pleasure of screening in the country due to graphic content, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Censorship officials reportedly took issue with the glorious amounts of violence, nudity, and graphic languagesentence enhancers present in the Ryan Reynolds instaclassic.

Given the fact that China is widely regarded as the second-largest box office on the planet, the obvious cool factor of being banned is likely not very comforting to the respective teams over at Marvel and 20th Century Fox. The China Film Group regularly works closely with studios to remove all the R action from potential R-rated blockbusters before screening them, though Deadpool reportedly can't undergo such slicing and dicing "without causing plot problems."

To pay proper tribute to its fresh banned status, revisit the red band trailer for Deadpool below like some kind of rebel:

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Deadpool, featuring a fair amount of vulgarity, drops on Feb. 12 in the United States.

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