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It appears that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has won his (possibly staged) battle over what the rating for the antihero comic book movie will be. The announcement came in the most Deadpool way possible, which is to say it was completely irreverent and with a large dose of wiseass (and Mario Lopez).  

We could spoil it, or you could just watch the video (read: watch the video). 

So the movie will be rated R, and all is right in the world. There's been a lot of talk about Fox's apprehension to make an R-rated, big-budget comic book movie, and Reynolds had been tweeting about the situation. This was two days ago: 

But Reynolds followed up the release of the Mario Lopez video today with this confirmation.

The #Aprilpools refers to this earlier tweet that trolled the hell out of Deadpool fans across the Internet. 


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