Carole Baskin's Zoo, Formerly Owned by Joe Exotic and Jeff Lowe, Reportedly Trashed Before Her Arrival

The bad blood between seemingly every single person even remotely connected with the 'Tiger King' Netflix saga continues to be a driving force.

Carole Baskin

Image via Netflix

Carole Baskin

As you may or may not recall depending on your tolerance level for Tiger King updates at this point, Carole Baskin was reported back in June as being on the brink of taking control of an Oklahoma zoo formerly owned by Joe Exotic.

Now, according to a report from the Tiger Kingscholars over at TMZ, Baskin has visited the zoo—once known as the GW Exotic Animal Park—and discovered a litany of graffiti and garbage. Among the garbage, according to the report, is meat of the rotting variety and discarded animal carcasses.

And among the graffiti, there are said to be a number of messages aimed at Baskin, including—but allegedly not limited to—"Carole Baskin takes [it] up the butt from Donald Trump." Graffitied references to Baskin’s past, including her missing former husband, were also reportedly a part of the post-Jeff Lowe scene.

Sources close to Baskin are claiming Lowe intentionally left the site a wreck for Baskin. In a statement to TMZ, Lowe denied any involvement.

"You think, of all people, she would know about being accused of something without evidence," said Lowe, who previously took over the zoo-esque area in question.

Earlier this month, Baskin celebrated the Justice Department's announcement of a complaint against Lowe and Tiger King LLC for alleged violations of the Endangered Species Act and the Animal Welfare Act with an Instagram post. The civil complaint also named Lauren Lowe and Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park LLC.

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