Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Reportedly Offered Millions for TV Wedding Special

Would you watch though?

Image via @blacchyna

TV, the undisputed champion of post-Internet visual mediums, may be on the brink of once again outdoing itself with a (massively lucrative) televised ChyRo wedding. The recently engagedBlac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have reportedly been offered giant stacks of cash for a televised wedding special, according toTMZ. The only problem? Kris Jenner is allegedly hesitant to sign off.

The leading course of action for a televised ChyRo union, which TMZ reports is "worth millions," is apparently an episodic "docusoap" that would presumably conclude with the constantly-in-the-headlines couple's big day. Each episode would reportedly earn both Rob and Chyna as much as $200,000 plus an additional (and totally reasonable) $500,000 each for the wedding-centered finale.

In addition to the truckloads of cash, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna also stand to gain super profitable sponsorship deals from wedding vendors concerned with getting their cakes, dresses, and other wedding paraphernalia on TV. Would people watch this wedding with the same level of attentiveness usually reserved for Ken Burns documentaries? Absolutely. Would people then go out and buy some of the cakes and dresses featured in the special in the name of capitalism-approved happiness? Sure. Why not?

However, the Kardashian fam's so-called "blanket deal" with E! means the network (and Kris Jenner) get first dibs on producing the possible series. Though Kris recently claimed ignorance on ChyRo's blossoming relationship due to the fact that she simply doesn't know Blac Chyna all that well, previous (and equally alleged) reports have suggested that she is very much not a fan.

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