One of our favorite celebrity couples, Blac Chyna and Robert Kardashian, is always stirring up some drama these days. The controversial pair, who reportedly bonded over the fact that they both felt screwed over by the Kardashian family in some way, gave us a scare when we were led to believe they broke up, but our spirits were quickly lifted by the reports that they were indeed still going steady. That was a close one. Although Kylie Jenner isn't here for her brother's  relationship, Chyna has apparently been helping Rob shed unwanted weight, which is a major positive considering his recent diabetes diagnosis. Now there's proof that Rob has made considerable strides in the hot bod department—TMZ captured screenshots from Chyna's twitter that show his improved physical health.

In the screen grabs from Chyna's Snapchat account, Rob can be seen checking himself out in a mirror at a clothing store, ostensibly impressed by how much weight he has lost. It looks like hitting the gym five days a week and cutting out red meat and carbs from his diet has worked wonders for Rob, who has reportedly lost a total of 40 pounds from his Chyna-driven workout plan. Apparently fat-shaming Rob based on the contents of his pantry really inspired him to see his fitness goals through.

As far as I'm concerned, the Kardashians don't have a legitimate reason to be fed up with the relationship as long as Rob is maintaining peak physical health. Those engagement rumors are starting to sound truer by the second.