What is love? Perhaps we should consult ChyRo, who appear to have made their union damn near official by getting engaged. Though Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian haven't used the exact word "engaged," Chyna hit the 'gram late Monday night to set some serious engagement vibes:

As previously reported with the usual urgency, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna reportedly received a nice batch of marriage blessings from Chyna's mom last week. Unnamed sources tell TMZ that Chyna's mother, Tokyo, thinks Rob is "the one" but not like in The Matrix. The sources also claim that Tokyo is quite the fan of Rob's "good manners" and is really into his habit of treating Chyna "like a queen."

Back in February, engagement rumors started to swirl after Blac Chyna was caught in an admittedly lo-fi 'gram rocking what appeared to be a massive diamond ring while in Trinidad with Amber Rose. Though the couple has endured their share of controversies and alleged criticisms since making their relationship official, ChyRo seems to have brushed it all off in the name of love.

Rose, shortly after hearing the good news, reached out to the couple on Twitter to offer some quick congrats:

Big if true.

Congrats ChyRo!