Ayesha and Steph Curry Inspire Spirited Debate Thanks to Milly Rock and Big Hot Dog

Let Ayesha and Steph live for once.


Image via Getty/Matt Winkelmeyer


People with presumably nothing at all on their personal agenda have picked up a new pastime this week in the form of mocking Ayesha and Steph Curry for very specific reasons ranging from large hot dogs to a Milly Rock interpretation.

Thanks to a handy explainer from KRON-TV that's sure to win the same amount of writing awards as this article, the Milly Rock-related debate was apparently spurred by the Hot 97 sharing of a clip in which Ayesha is seen enjoying the dance in question.

As for matters of large hot dogs, that comes by way of an Instagram Stories update in which a hot dog that is indeed large is used for comedic effect with some assistance from Steph and his "big hands."

Steph Curry responds to the (very odd) social media critiques of Ayesha Curry dancing at her restaurant opening: pic.twitter.com/n59pW3UTBg

Riveting, no doubt. There's also some added mockery thanks to some maligned thoughts from Ayesha on the true meaning of Hot Girl Summer:

Given the obvious urgency of these things, it's no surprise that a global debate has erupted in which Ayesha/Steph are being defended against detractors.

Steph later took to IG to respond to it all.

See the ongoing discourse below, utmost importance included:

This collective misery aside, Ayesha Curry and chef Michael Mina were announced earlier this week to be opening a new location of their communal dining restaurant International Smoke in Del Mar, California.

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