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Ayesha Curry reminded one online troll that she's not a business-woman, she's a business, woman. 

On Tuesday, Curry took to Instagram to promote her new partnership with Spotify. In the video, she showcases her considerable cooking skills while explaining how music compliments her hobbies.

Of course, the nature of the clip led one not-so-clever troll to hit Curry with the age-old misogynistic retort of "Stay in the kitchen." But, what this person didn't know was that all the Curry's have a quick release, and this was basically a wide open dead-on three-pointer for Ayesha. 

"Which one?" Curry responded, referring the multiple properties she owns with her husband. "SF, Houston, Miami or San Diego?"

Curry's retort is a classic example of what happens when one combines toxic masculinity and pocket-watching. Although she has branded herself as the modern housewife, Curry doesn't let this wholesome exterior stop her checks. Curry has turned her love of cooking into a very profitable career. Not only does she have her own cooking show, but she also owns an olive oil company called Little Lights of Mine. And in 2017, she partnered with chef Michael Mina to open the International Smoke restaurant in San Francisco, while also being named as one of the faces of the iconic CoverGirl cosmetics brand. All this to say, she definitely makes enough bread in and out of the kitchen. So you're going to have to be in your best defensive position if you're going to try and knock her hustles.