Amy Schumer to Star in Sony's Live-Action 'Barbie' Movie

With Amy Schumer in the starring role, Sony is closer than ever to making their live-action 'Barbie' movie a reality.

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

After years of false starts, Sony is finally close to bringing Barbie to the big screen. Amy Schumer will take the lead in the live-action Barbie film, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She is also expected to rewrite the script alongside her sister, Kim Caramele. The search for a director is currently underway.

This take on the iconic Barbie doll's story is described as a "contemporary spin" on feminism, beauty, and identity. Schumer will play a woman born into a "perfect land of Barbies" who slowly comes to realize that she's not like everyone else. Once the other Barbies become privy to this fact, they expel Schumer to the real world, where she learns that not being exactly like everyone else is actually pretty dope.

As Collidernoted, Oscar-winning Juno writer Diablo Cody was one of the first attached to Sony's project. In 2015, the studio launched a three-track development approach by enlisting three separate writers to pen three separate screenplays. The producers ultimately decided to move forward with a script by Hilary Winston (Community, My Name Is Earl), which will now be tweaked by Schumer and Caramele.

Following the critical and commercial success of last year's Trainwreck, Schumer will again rock the star-and-writer multi-hyphenate brag for an untitled comedy with Goldie Hawn and Wanda Sykes next year. "[Goldie Hawn] plays my mom," Schumer explained to the Los Angeles Times back in August. "My character is supposed to go on this trip to South America with a boyfriend. But he breaks up with her. And it's a nonrefundable ticket and she doesn't want to drink alone. It's a Goldie Hawn movie and she's gorgeous."

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