How Drone Technology Is Changing Hollywood

Assumed that crazy chase scene in ‘Sykfall’ was filmed in a high-flying helicopter? Think again, drones are now taking over Hollywood.

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“We wanted the camera to feel like an omniscient presence in the film. When we had the opportunity to utilize the drone shots, that look kind of came out of it. This omniscient, floating, following, presence throughout the movie,” said Spring co-director Justin Benson in an interview with We Are Movie Geeks.

At first glance, Benson and co-director Aaron Moorhead’s sci-fi romance Spring has all the makings of a simple indie: It features up-and-coming stars, its budget was miniscule, its plot is obscure, and its cinematography is naturalistic. Essentially, you don’t quite expect to have your breath taken away—until it is.

Minutes into the film, viewers are greeted with sweeping shots of Italy, the prime locale.

Thanks to the use of affordable drones, the cameras dive off cliffs, whiz through tiny corridors, and chase the movie’s young lovers across the stunning Italian landscape.

The film may exemplify what drones can do—elevate even the smallest of films, reimagine storytelling, and shake up Hollywood conventions—but it’s just scraping the surface of how drone technology is changing the entertainment industry. Let’s take a closer look.

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