Amy Schumer, Alyssa Milano, Alec Baldwin And More Partner With Parkland Survivors in Anti-NRA Campaign

"We’re going to shine a bright light on what you and your organization do to America."

This is a picture of an anti NRA sign.

Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

This is a picture of an anti NRA sign.

Amy Schumer, Alyssa Milano, and Alec Baldwin are among 130 celebrities and activists who are a part of a new initiative aimed at gun control as well as addressing the NRA's deep political ties. The No Rifle Association Initiative sent a letter to the NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre, laying out its goals and signed by not only Schumer, Milano and Baldwin, but other Hollywood stars like Ashley Judd, Don Cheadle, and Jimmy Kimmel. Activists like #MeToo founder Tarana Burke and Parkland shooting survivors David Hogg and Cameron Kasky are also leading the charge.

The letter comes on the anniversary of one of the country's most-talked about school shootings. "Nineteen years ago, two teenagers stormed into Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado," the letter opens. "Three of the four guns used in the shooting were legally in the possession of the shooters. There was no paperwork filed on the purchases of these weapons because they were made at a gun show from a private dealer." The strongly-worded letter goes on to place the blame on the NRA for continuing to "oppose closing the loopholes which enabled their deaths."

"We’re going to shine a bright light on what you and your organization do to America. We’re going to make sure the whole world sees your bloody hands," the letter reads. "We’re coming for your money. We’re coming for your puppets. And we’re going to win." The movement aims to amplify marginalized voices in the discussions about gun violence, including communities of color disproportionately affected by gun violence and children who have survived shootings. They also hope to crack down on the association's political influence, given the fact that the NRA has spent over $11 million in federal lawmaker and candidate contributions since 1998, and $54 million in presidential and congressional races in 2016 alone. "We’re for moving culture into a less violent place by counteracting the influence of NRA money in the American political system," the letter states.

Gun control has been an essential issue in Hollywood in recent months, as many stars showed up for last month's March For Our Lives protests including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, George Clooney, Laura Dern and more turning up in various cities across the country.

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