15 Asian-Canadian TikTok Creators You Should Follow

For Asian Heritage Month, TikTok is donating over $275,000 USD to relevant organizations. Here are our favourite Asian-Canada creators on the platform.

15 Asian-Canadian TikTok Creators You Should Follow
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15 Asian-Canadian TikTok Creators You Should Follow

Asian-Canadian stories and personalities have long been underrepresented in the mainstream—but TikTok is helping shift the narrative.

With over 700 million monthly users, the short-video platform has altered the contours of the media industry by giving individuals the tools to amplify stories that relate to their lived experiences, spotlight their culture, and connect with individuals within their communities. 

Although creators in Canada can’t monetize their content through the platforms’ Creator Fund, to honour Asian Heritage Month, TikTok says they will be donating over $275,000 USD to pertinent organizations across the United States and Canada, including Elimin8hate and Indus Community Services

Let’s go through some of our favourite Asian-Canadian TikTok creators you have to know—many of whom started TikTok with nothing but a phone and a passion.


This recipe is honestly unreal!

♬ original sound - TIFFY COOKS 🥟


Did not turn out the way I thought it would but sure 😂 @devenchris

♬ original sound - Aileenchristineee


#duet with @jeffreychangofficial i let him have his revenge 🤕 ok that’s enough hitting @stevefever 🥵 #fatherandson

♬ Carly Rae Jepsen - "I Really Like You" - Johnny


they b reading something once and suddenly thinking they’re experts ! #asian #chinese #chineserestaurant #chineseculture

♬ original sound - Francine Ng


Which category does “heterological” belong in? #math #mathtiktok #learnontiktok

♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose


Checking to see what the hat is made of u know (cred @sonibologne ) #workout #fitness #girl #fyp

♬ Sure Thing (cover version) - Tik Toker


True story :/ (mu by @patrickstarrr)

♬ more than a woman x hot in herre - DJ LILLI

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