This is not “an American problem.” 

The ongoing acts of racist violence against the Asian population is very much an issue in Canada too. In 2020, the Vancouver Police Department’s year-end report noted a 717 percent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes while, at the same time, the majority of other crimes reported throughout the city saw a decrease due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, according to live data from Fight COVID Racism, there have been 955 reported incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes across Canada as of March 19. Statistics Canada says racist attacks against visible minorities have increased threefold throughout the country since the pandemic started, with Korean (26 percent), Chinese (25 percent) and Filipino (22 percent) groups being most frequently targeted.

Canada is said to have a higher number of reported anti-Asian hate crime incidents per capita compared to the U.S. Furthermore, one in five attacks are assaults, and the majority of them against Asian women. This is according to ongoing data collected by Project 1907, a centralized racism reporting tool built by two Asian-Canadian Vancouverites and one of the nation’s active anti-racist organizations worth knowing.

These statistics are devastating. In British Columbia, government officials are looking to bring anti-racism legislation later this year, but for those experiencing racism today, that’s not enough.

Whether you’ve been a victim of anti-Asian racism in Canada, have witnessed it, or just want to educate yourself, here are some resources, tools and networks you can use today to learn, heal, donate, and take action against racism in our own backyards.