The Trailer for Netflix's New Crime Series 'Seven Seconds’ Looks Mad Heavy

Regina King and Clare-Hope Ashitey star in Netflix's latest anthology crime drama series.

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Just yesterday, we highlighted all of the new movies and shows hitting Netflix in February. One of our picks was Seven Seconds, a new anthology crime drama starring Regina King and Clare-Hope Ashitey. There was only a synopsis and a teaser to go by at the time, but like clockwork, Netflix released the official trailer, and the series looks heavy.

In Seven Seconds, King plays a mother who lost her son to an awful car accident. From that point, the story spirals. The person who ran over her son, Brenton Butler, was a police officer. It would appear that, against the officer's wishes, the story of Brenton's death was covered up, leading to Ashitey's K.J. Harper being sent into figure out what happened, with hopes of bringing justice to the family. This, of course, touches on racial tensions in their town and definitely feels like something that could've been plucked from the headlines.

Seven Seconds is brought to you by the same people who gave you AMC's The Killing and low-key feels like Shots Fired. The full 10-episode season hits Netflix on February 23. Watch the full trailer up above.

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