Exclusive: Desus & Mero Get Animated in Election-Themed 'black-ish' Episode

Here's an exclusive look of (animated) Desus & Mero interviewing Dre from the upcoming "Election Night" episode of ABC's 'black-ish.'

black ish

Image via ABC

black ish

The black-ish squad has been putting in work. The most recent news is ABC giving the "-ish" universe another spin-off, but one of the bigger moments has been the long-lost "Please, Baby, Please" episode finally being released earlier this year. Light on laughs (and heavy on reality), this episode does what black-ish does best: throwing the systemic racism and other social ills residing in America into the crosshairs. This episode is part of a long-list of black-ish episodes that examine our current political climate, and ahead of their Season 7 premiere on Oct. 21, ABC will be broadcasting a two-part "Election Special," the second part of which is a) animated and b) going to feature a cameo from Desus & Mero!

In the first part of the episode, Junior (Marcus Scribner) goes on a journey to figure out why his name has been purged from the voter records. The second episode, "Election Special Part 2," finds Dre (Anthony Anderson) jumping into the political arena to hold off his colleague Stevens from winning a seat in Congress. In this part of the special, animated Dre sits down for an animated Desus & Mero interview, where the most brolic ask the toughest questions. Both episodes are directed by Oscar-winning director Matthew A. Cherry (Hair Love), with animation being produced by Jonas Diamond (executive producer and co-owner of Smiley Guy Studios) and Rod Amador (executive producer and co-owner of Big Jump Entertainment). You can check out a shot of animated Dre, Desus Nice, and the Kid Mero up above.

The two-part standalone black-ish special airs on Sunday, Oct. 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET), on ABC, with Season 7 of black-ish premiering on Oct. 21.

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