Amanda Seales Calls Out Mo'Nique for Defending Roseanne: 'You're Kanye-ing Right Now'

During a recent discussion on 'Open Late With Peter Rosenberg,' Amanda Seales spoke straight facts about Mo'Nique defending Roseanne.

Last week, during an interview with KTLA about Roseanne, Mo'Nique actually caped for the comedian/actress who got fired from the recently-revived Roseanne because of a racist AF tweet. “Roseanne Barr is my sister in comedy," Mo'Nique said, "and she’s my universal sister. And what I won’t do, Sam, is throw her away for making a mistake."

On the Season 2 premiere of Open Late With Peter Rosenberg, Peter had two comedians on the show: longtime associate and friend Cipha Sounds, and Amanda Seales, who you can find on the third season of HBO's Insecure. To the surprise of no one, Seales was ready to keep it a buck when it came to her feelings about the situation.

"As a black woman, as a comedian," Seales began, "I think it is incredibly problematic for her to be using her platform in such a reckless way, and it makes me say, 'Well, we can't really listen to nothing you say.' Five minutes ago, you were trying to say we should boycott Netflix, now you're telling us that she's OK? It's nonsensical, you're Kanye-ing right now."

Seales also responds to talk of #MeToo and other movements somehow making it difficult for people to perform their stand-up: "If it was hard for you not to be racist, then that ain't got nothing to do with telling jokes."

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