Interestingly enough, the biggest February video game story will probably not be about actual video games. It's going to be about r/WallStreetBets and how a subreddit drained billions of dollars from Wall Street hedge funders, who tried to short sell Gamestop and got their hands caught in the cookie jar.

In a peculiar sort of way, it's become a case of art imitating life—the new, user-friendly trading apps that promise no commission fees have lowered and democratized the threshold for participating in the stock market. They provide visual stimuli for your actions, tangible rewards for your participation, and an online hive mind dedicated to finding "cheats" and "tricks." There's even an ongoing "console war," with everyone debating the best platform to access the same market. It's the highest stakes video game you can play right now, and the results are all too real.

The other, traditional video games launching this February are a low-key, if anticipated bunch. Here is your video game news roundup for February 2021.