Saweetie Returns to 'grown-ish' in This Exclusive Clip

In this exclusive 'grown-ish' clip, Saweetie's character, Indigo, teaches Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) about how to put her foot down with difficult clients.

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Fans got to watch Saweetie make her acting debut on grown-ish earlier this season, and the rapper is now back for another episode. Saweetie will return as Indigo in the upcoming “Water on Water on Water” episode premiering on Thursday, Feb. 11. In an exclusive clip from the episode, we catch a brief interaction between Indigo and Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) that highlights how their relationship as celebrity client and stylist seems to be evolving. The pair is getting to know one another, with Zoey learning the balance between keeping her clients happy without sacrificing her art or style choices.

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After dropping out of school, Zoey is now learning how to manage her newfound struggles at work. While having two celebrity clients on her roster is a significant feat for a young stylist, learning how to get used to their individual needs and personalities can be tricky. In the trailer, Zoey is venting on the phone to her friend, Nomi (Emily Arlook), while going through some of the looks she picked out for her new client. Indigo then comes in and goes through the outfits Zoey has picked out, and is looking for a bit more of an honest input from her stylist. The two creatives seem to be having a bit of a power struggle, as Zoey appears to be way too agreeable for her client’s taste.  

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