Watch T.I. Feel Deeply Uncomfortable on 'The Eric André Show'

"It's torture, it's hell for everyone," Eric André said on his show's pranks.

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Comedian Eric André is not known for being subtle or wholesome in his work, and rapper T.I. found out the hard way when he had to sit through a recent raunchy episode of his Adult Swim show. 

The season four premiere of  The Eric André Show features a fairly high number of dicks in its 11-minute timespan, even by the standards of the comedian, who is known for his gratuitous nudity. André starts by suggesting some nonsensical rap songs to T.I. and tries to freestyle before a prosthetic penis breaks through his desk. From this moment on, T.I. shifts back and forth between being deeply unimpressed and extremely uncomfortable as the antics get increasingly crazy. After minutes of pranks, a half-nude man wearing only a shirt walks out. At that point, T.I. finally quits.  

"I'm gone," he said. "I'm out this bitch." 

André admits he is known for "torturing his guests" for no reason and discussed it on a recent episode of Hot Ones on Complex, saying many celebrities have not taken it well. He said Lauren Conrad and T.I. are two of the guests who were the most upset by the end of his show. 

"[T.I.] walked out two or three times during the interview and I had to keep seducing him back into [it]," André said, adding that he kept repeating "we're almost done," to help get T.I. back on set. 

"It is a lie; I’m a sociopath," he said. "We were like an hour and a half from being done, because we shoot each interview for like an hour and a half, then we whittle it down to the best three or four minutes, so it’s pretty torturous, it's hell for everyone. "

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