Censorship, at its core, is a downright ridiculous notion. Sadly, just like anything else a bunch of smartphoneless old people decide, the practice is also widely mired in outright sexism. For example, any given dude (specifically looking at you, shirtless gym selfie timeline ruiners) can put his (often grotesque) nipples all over Instagram without repercussion. However, repeated attempts by women to do the same continue to inspire bafflingly dumb responses from Instagram's censorship police old people.

In that spirit, we have this Tuesday morning surprise: Eric Andre and his repeatedly 'grammed penis. The comedian shared two back-to-back dick pics on Monday night, pairing them with some fairly casual captions and absolutely no hype. More than 12 hours after posting them, the photos have not been removed by those aforementioned censorship police. Interesting.

Sadly, we can't show you the full Andre here so we've covered this particular organ with two wonderfully complementary stickers which, yes, is also a form of censorship:

Roses are red. Hearts are too. Nothing really rhymes with Eric Andre's penis so simply admitting that will have to do.

P.S. Being naked is pretty cool. Grow up, Instagram.