Netflix's Canceled Marvel Shows Probably Won't Be Rebooted on Disney+ Streaming Service

Rolling Stone TV critic Alan Sepinwall speculates whether there is a chance Marvel shows canceled by Netflix could get a second life on Disney+ service.

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Could the Marvel shows canceled by Netflix get a second life on the Disney+ streaming service down the road? Rolling Stone TV critic Alan Sepinwall believes there is a chance, albeit slim, but there's also a huge catch. In a series of tweets, Sepinwall explains that Disney executives do not want any of these programs on their service. However, the door was left slightly open to the possibility that a complete overhaul could happen "a few years down the line."

It makes sense that Disney execs would not want shows like Daredevil or Luke Cage on their service unless it undergoes a serious overhaul. Much like the way the studio handles the format of films in the MCU, they follow a specific formula, which starts with them being family-friendly. The aforementioned Netflix shows were either too violent or too explicit. If these shows ever get a reboot, Disney will probably give us watered-down versions that will make us wish it was never brought back in the first place. 

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