John Krasinski Is All for Playing Mr. Fantastic in Possible 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Krasinski says he would "love" to be considered for the role.

Given the early praise that John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt have received for their roles in A Quiet Place—their first live-action film together—fans are beginning to speculate where else this dynamic duo can take their talents.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Krasinski is asked whether he and Blunt would ever be interested in playing Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman in a possible Fantastic Four reboot. While the 38-year-old actor can’t speak for his wife, he admits that he would “love” to take the opportunity if it were to come his way. 

"Oh yeah, the Fantastic Four. I would love that," Krasinski said. "I mean listen, I’m still getting into the whole superhero thing. I didn’t read comics as a kid, not as many, I read some but not as much, but I’m a huge superhero fan so yeah, I’d love to do something like that. If there are any left, a lot of these have been taken but the ones that are left, yeah, I would love to do something like that. And listen, I’d love to work with her again so any chance I got would be great."

If the Disney deal in which it aims to acquire 21st Century Fox’s film studio is finalized, Disney can bring other Marvel properties, like Fantastic Four, into the MCU. The arrival of new characters will bring about a new crop of actors, including (possibly) Krasinski, who are looking to snag one of these life-changing roles. It doesn’t hurt that he has already proven that he has no problem bulking up for a movie, like he did for the 2016 film 13 Hours.

While we’re on the topic of reviving old properties, Krasinski also reiterated in an interview with IndieWire late last month that he would interested in bringing back The Office. "It’s one of those things where I’m sure people don’t believe me when I say I would totally do it, because the truth is I would totally do it,” Krasinski said.

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