‘John Wick’ Director Chad Stahelski Says He’d ‘Take a Swing’ at a ‘Star Wars’ Movie

The film director and stuntman has interest in joining another legendary franchise.

Cindy Ord / WireImage,

John Wick filmmaker Chad Stahelski is putting his feelers out into the Force.

The Massachusetts-born director was a recent guest on the movie podcast Happy Sad Confused: Watchalong, where he revealed to host Josh Horowitz that he wants to direct a Star Wars film. The two were watching Stahelski's latest flick, John Wick: Chapter 4, which was released last March and was a box office hit, grossing $440 million worldwide.

Around the 23-minute mark, Stahelski and Horowitz were joking about Blade and Spider-Man reboots, when Stahelski admitted that he'd be up for taking on Star Wars, which currently has 12 films.

"I'm a 'Star Wars' guy," Stahelski said. "The first 'Star Wars' changed my life. Maybe someday out there, Disney if you're listening, hit me in a couple of years. I have a couple of takes for 'Star Wars.' I'd take a swing at that... see if Disney could survive me."

But don't be alarmed John Wick fans, Stahelski doesn't plan on leaving the action film series anytime soon. "We're currently trying to develop a 'John Wick' TV series," he said at the 24:26 mark. "And Lionsgate has been very cool about backing us. We just started getting into the nitty gritty of it when the strikes all happened."

Staying tight-lipped on the show's protagonist, Stahelski added, "It's going to be fun to watch, isn't it?"

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