'It’s Super Illegal, It's Super Gnarly': Steve-O on Bringing His Bucket List Tour to Canada

The notorious 'Jackass' stuntman chats about the upcoming tour, being secretly Canadian, and his plan to get a penis tattooed on his forehead.

Steve-O poses in front of a black background

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Steve-O poses in front of a black background

In the public eye, Steve-O is superhuman. Whether it be piercing a hook through his cheek to use himself as live shark bait, tightroping over flaming hot coals while dodging balls of fire, or attaching a queen bee to his junk while her colony swarms her, the Jackass stuntman has proven his fearlessness and imperviousness to pain on camera time again for over two decades. Yet, off-camera, Steve-O admits that, as normal human beings do, he too can become overwhelmed. It’s to be expected from someone who takes on “a million fucking projects,” from filming a new Jackass movie, promoting his YouTube channel, recording his Wild Ride! podcast, or tattooing a ghost with a boner onto Post Malone. On top of all this, Steve-O is now getting back on the road to continue his Bucket List tour. This time, he’s bringing it to Canada.

“The Bucket List Tour is a multimedia comedy show that is wildly explicit,” Steve-O says. “In fact, it’s even X-rated, like, XXX-rated—something I’m really quite proud of. I did all these stunts that I’d never be allowed to do for Jackass. I did things that were flagrantly illegal. I did things that were super life-threatening, and, I made it all into a comedy show where I tell the stories of these ideas and then after each bit in the show, I screen the footage of the culmination of the bit.”

While Steve-O originally began his Bucket List tour at the end of 2018, COVID-19 restrictions put a temporary halt to it, much like the rest of the entertainment industry. The stuntman-turned-comedian was able to resume touring in America last year and recently got the green light to bring his antics to Canada. While this may come as a surprise to many, given Steve-O’s extensive and impressive criminal record, the former Wildboyz star (yet another accolade under his belt) explains that Canadian customs have no choice but to let him in.

“What’s super interesting, I think, or at least a lot of people wouldn’t know, is that I’m Canadian because my mom was born in Canada,” Steve-O said. “I’m American because my dad was born in America, and I’m British, because I was born in England.”

Steve-O poses in front of black backround

Thanks to the right of return, Steve-O will begin his Canadian leg on August 27 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and travel across the country until his final stop in Winnipeg on November 11.

“It’s just really exciting for me, man,” Steve-O says. “I toured in comedy clubs for 11 years, developing this craft of stand-up and storytelling, and I got good enough at it that I graduated to theaters, and now I bring this multimedia component with me on the road.”

Steve-O’s art of storytelling has not only improved through a decade-plus of honing in on his stand-up, but also through his steveo Youtube channel. With over six million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views across his page, Steve-O’s channel has become a fan favorite primarily due to the storytelling nature of his videos, as his most popular clips often entail him recounting wild anecdotes from his past in great detail. Whether it be the drug-fueled war with his neighbors that landed him in jail, recalling the drunkest he’s ever been on television, or thinking back on all the celebrities he’s done coke with, Steve-O doesn’t hold back—and always has the footage to back it up.

“The fact that I was so successful in lasering off the words ‘SH*T’ and ‘F*CK’ from my knuckles is the inspiration for me to go ahead and get a dick tattooed on my forehead, because I know how effectively it can come off.”

“What sets [the Bucket List tour] apart from the YouTube stuff—I’m not making this up,” he says. “It sounds so crazy, but I screen footage during my Bucket List show that is so drastically fucked up, it literally causes full-grown men to faint in the audience. It’s the craziest phenomenon, man, and it doesn’t happen all the time. But—we absolutely average one full grown man passing out in the audience per show. I’ve never heard of people passing out while watching Jackass movies, and I’m really pretty proud that they do it on my tour.”

The recent release of Jackass Forever quickly climbed to the No. 1 spot at the box office. After a 12-year hiatus between installments, one would imagine that Steve-O would use the film series as his platform to try the outrageous stunts that he’s desired to execute over the past few years. Yet, for legal reasons, they would never be allowed to make the cut.

“We’re allowed to do stunts on Jackass but we’re not allowed to break the law,” Steve-O explains. “For my Bucket List tour, I broke the law quite a bit. For one stunt, I got a medical professional in disguise administering a general anesthesia drug into an IV in my arm while I was riding a bicycle. I mean, all kinds of stuff can go wrong with that. It’s super illegal, it’s super gnarly.”

Workaholic that he is, Steve-O already has ideas for future stunts and a next tour. For one, he’s very close to getting a dick tattooed right onto his forehead. As well, don’t be surprised if you see Steve-O with breast implants in the near future.

“The fact that I was so successful in lasering off the words ‘SHIT’ and ‘FUCK’ from my knuckles is the inspiration for me to go ahead and get a dick tattooed on my forehead, because I know how effectively it can come off,” Steve-O says. “That, just like getting breast implants—I’m gonna get them out. As crazy as my ideas are for my next tour, I expect to be restored—everything that I’m doing will be restored to the way it was.”

Steve-O apologizes and says that he must cut the conversation short—there are more urgent matters that need to be taken care of. He’s working on a cut-out for his upcoming memoir, A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions.

“We’ve got this great, big, life-size book cover with the foot kicking me in the nuts cut out so that the people can pose in front of it and put their foot in the hole so it’s them kicking me in the nuts. It’s a big exercise in promoting pre-orders for my book,” Steve-O explains.

“Author” is just another title to add to the ever-growing list of professions Steve-O has taken on.

While he may not actually be superhuman, Steve-O’s accomplishments are quite impressive for a man who has made a name for himself by regurgitating goldfish, snorting wasabi, and getting catapulted in a porta potty, among other disgustingly impressive stunts. And, from the horse’s mouth, The Bucket List tour just takes it to a whole other level.

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