Pete Davidson Suggests He’s Ready to Leave 'Saturday Night Live’

In a new roundtable discussion with Ted Danson, Lamorne Morris, and Chris Redd, Pete Davidson suggested that he might be retiring from 'SNL.'


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In a new Hollywood Reporter round table interview, Pete Davidson talked about the possibility of leaving Saturday Night Live. The comedian has been a cast member for the late night sketch comedy show for seven years now.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Davidson said when talking about if he’d follow in Kenan Thompson’s footsteps and be on the show for nearly 20 years. “I’m surprised I made it to seven. I’m ready to hang up the jersey. Kenan’s like f------ Karl Malone out there.”

Davidson was joined by Ted Danson, Lamorne Morris, and his fellow SNL cast member, Chris Redd. Earlier in the conversation, when describing his time with the show, Davidson talked about what it’s like working on SNL.

“Well, so few come my way that I have to do them all,” he explained. “The thing about SNL is you really don’t have much of a say. It’s just, ‘Hey, this is what you’re going to do this week,’ and you’re like, ‘Oh, cool.’ I do like the randomness of it and I usually play very dumb characters. So, it’s very easy for me. (Laughs.) I have one character that I’ve done in my seven years on the show, which shows how fuckin’ great I am. His name is Chad and he’s very dumb and every response is just, ‘OK.’ And I see a lot of myself in Chad.”

Later in the conversation, Davidson said that he hopes to have a career like Adam Sandler or Eddy Murphy when it’s all said and done.

“I like what Sandler did where he’s like, ‘These are my eight friends, we’re going to do this formula for the next 30 to 50 years.’ He built this entire universe for himself, and he’s in his own lane. That’s the model,” he said. “Also, the way he carries himself I try to follow. He’s so kind to everyone, and you never hear of a Sandler issue — there’s never like a Sandler-gate. Any time you see that guy’s face, it’s associated with smiles and good vibes. That’s the thing I’m trying to follow.”

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